24th / 25th / 26th May 2019, Trefresa Farm, Cornwall




Being well is an integral part of the tranquil Porthilly Spirit experience so we're absolutely delighted that Nadia Narain is curating our Wellbeing programme. Expect a rejuvenating mindful menu of soothing, healing, nurturing, inspiring and moment-seizing activities.

Wellbeing falls into two categories, workshops (eg. yoga and tai chi) which are free and available on a first-come-first-served basis each day of the festival, and Spa Treatments which are paid for but booked in the same way. Check your programme on arrival for all the details.


Nadia Narain

Nadia Narain is one of the UK’s best loved and most respected yoga teachers. For more than 20 years, she has taught everyone from professional athletes and pregnant women to total beginners and yoga sceptics, how to take care of their outer bodies as well as their inner spirit. Nadia's classes are just the right side of challenging as she shows you how to lengthen and open your body while strengthening and toning it too. Impossibly at once, she is fierce and loving, simple and deep, and has inspired thousands to slow down, be kind and love themselves where they are.

Nadia is also co-author with her sister of the bestselling book ‘Self Care for the Real World’, and more recently, ‘Rituals for Every Day’, explaining not just why we have to look after ourselves, but how. With fans and clients including Kate Moss, Reese Witherspoon and Lily Cole, she makes self-acceptance, emotional resilience and extricating yourself from your phone to find a bit of actual peace a down to earth and ‘real’ process, rather than an airy fairy exercise.



“For me, yoga is a relationship to all the parts of yourself. Bringing all the parts of yourself together, and in turn to everything around you; letting that connection or spaciousness expand to everyone and everything. It brings you into alignment, physically, mentally, emotionally and morally." We couldn’t agree more and we’re thrilled that Nadia will be curating a full programme of yoga for us.



Lorraine Candy, Sunday Times Style, editor-in-chief will be talking to wellness pioneers Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips, the authors of the best selling book Self Care for the Real World. Lorraine, also a mum of four, was not always a yoga convert but her opinions have now completely changed.

Nadia and Katia have separately spent decades helping others to feel their very best. But it took them a bit longer to learn to care for themselves. Here at Porthilly they share the small, achievable steps they picked up on a lifetime’s journey towards self-care, and how you can apply them to your life, wherever you are. This is a really special opportunity to learn this life-saving skill first hand.


Aromatherapy yoga & essential oils workshop

Amelia’s intention is to offer an opportunity for you to create space in your body, heart and mind so that you can live from a place of greater awareness. The hope is for us to carry this awareness off the mat & back into our own life, to our friends, family & community.

Amelia has been have been practising meditation for over 20 years and yoga for 10 years and takes inspiration from many forms & traditions. Amelia's Tibetan Buddhist teacher Geshe Tashi Tsering is one of the most senior Tibetan Lamas in the UK. Geshe Tashi studies in the lineage of the Dalai Lama.

We come to Yoga for many different reasons. The magic of Yoga is that it meets you exactly where you are.


Gaia Skincare Spa

Come and get some bliss-time all to yourself in our exclusively curated Gaia Skincare Spa

Choose from one of their four signature treatments;

Gaia Mini Jade Facial: a massage focused facial using natural skincare products and healing jade crystal wands to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing.

Gaia Crystal Therapy inc Indian Head Massage: a combination of crystal placement to re-energise and re-balance the chakras to bring your body back to a state of unconditional love, coupled with a nurturing scalp massage.

Gaia Foot & Leg Massage: a cleansing foot ritual and therapeutic foot and leg massage to energise the lower body.

Gaia Bespoke Back Massage: a moment to unwind with a therapeutic back massage.

Gaia Skincare was created to nourish and nurture and is led by the philosophy ‘your wellness naturally’. The Gaia Skincare range is made using certified organic plant extracts, which are fair trade and sourced from small farms and producers. Their formulations have been created using traditional artisan methods and the ingredients is chosen to work in harmony together.


Gong meditation with Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson started life as a radiographer later coming to realise her real passion lay in preventing disease and promoting health. She trained as an acupuncturist in 1991 and then as a Reiki Master in 1997. Her healing experiences gradually took her towards sound, knowing she wanted a powerful instrument and that’s when she discovered the gong. Tantalised with the gong meditation she became a gong practitioner.


Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness, an ancient science that incorporates asanas (exercises), meditation, pranayama (breathing) and chanting mantras. It stimulates the glandular system, strengthens muscles and the nervous system, unlocks and balances the chakras and stills the mind. It's medicine for the body, mind and soul and our Porthilly Spirit sessions will be run by Jennifer Daniel.



Jos Hadfield has been teaching T’ai Chi regular for 25 years and continues to learn from her peers. T’ai Chi is a wonderful way to find balance within our own selves and the world we live in.

It opens our channels of energy, softening the body, letting it breathe and freeing the mind.

Exploring the interplay of yin and yang, we can feel for tightness and softness, let go.


Ocean Flow Yoga with Jennifer Harvey

Jen’s vinyasa classes thread together the movement of body with breath, creatively sequencing postours together that will feel like you’re flowing seamlessly from one to the next. Expect flow, fun, challenge and rest! Drawing upon nature as inspiration, Jen’s classes are themed around the seasons which will bring a sense of connection with the world around you as well as a feeling of harmony within. These classes are suitable for all levels and there will be options for anyone that likes to play to those that prefer to chill!


Root to Rise

Give your feet some love, find balance through breath, and move through simple yoga flow deeply connected to your roots, allowing you to rise and find deeper connections and space in your body. Nix Joubert will take you on a journey that makes you feel connected from your feet upwards.



In this workshop Joey Hulin, the author of 'The Little Book of Mindful Eating', will explore how a simple meditation and journaling practice can help you connect to your own inner guidance and clarity. Whether you kept a journal when you were younger, know you express yourself best in written word or are just looking for ways to find a sense of balance and inner connection in daily life, this workshop can have a huge impact on the way we find balance.

You will be guided through a simple meditation practice before exploring journaling as a means of self reflection and connection. You will leave with simple tools that are always accessible to you and can be easily implemented into your daily routine.



Kate Burford will be teaching you how to give a simple and selfless massage to a friend. Shiatsu is a deeply effective Oriental bodywork that can help a wide variety of imbalances but it can also be learnt very quickly and easily and so it becomes an enjoyable and relaxing treatment to be used by friends and family. Make sure you bring someone to practise on.


How to integrate plants & herbs in our daily life

The herbalist, Harriet Coleman, will share ancient knowledge of the plant kingdom and how to integrate plants and herbs effortlessly into our daily lives.

We have successfully been utilising medicinal plants for thousands of years, through tradition and ceremony. Plants have been and are a profound part of us, our heritage and ancestors.

Medicinal plants can encourage positive health benefits and contribute to our wellbeing. Identifying plants and learning their abilities for you to incorporate into your life is a way of understanding the natural world that surrounds us, connecting with nature is essentially connecting with ourselves!


Kids Meditation

Debunking the myths around meditation with Nix Joubert, learn how to meditate with your kids and discover easy, fun hacks to help keep you and your family aligned and connected in daily life. Nix will take you through a guided meditation, you’ll set a prayer intention and lots more.