Our programme of talks and workshops will showcase leading thinkers, writers, chefs and cultural observers who will challenge us to see the world with fresh eyes and to always be curious.


Stranger Collective present Firelight

There’s something about flickering light, splitting wood and the scent of toasting marshmallows that demands a good story. People gather. People share. And in that moment, life is illuminated. Stranger Collective want to capture those illuminations around the fire where inspiring speakers share honest and thought provoking tales. This isn’t about career chronologies or business talks. Just like our ancestors, this fire will be a chance for speakers to think beyond the day job, to share tales of the blur between life and work, how one informs the other and how even the tiniest of experiences can set you on a whole new course.


Tales of Adventure

Thom Hunt, quite simply, loves being outdoors. Growing up on his grandparent’s farm, Thom discovered a fascination for the natural world and has crafted a lifestyle, business and career in the industry. A qualified Marine Biologist and specialist Scuba Diving Instructor, Thom is also an experienced spear fisherman and with an intimate knowledge of outdoor environments was challenged to live for a month without money for the Channel 4 series, 3 Hungry Boys.

Thom continues to feature on TV from documentaries walking across the Sahara with Berber nomads and living with the Sami people of Northern Norway to human physiology science shows, fishing adventures and reality challenge series. He has plenty of stories to share with us and will also be asking the question: what does it mean to be adventurous?


Natural wine

If you're a fan of a glass of wine or two, our guess is you've heard about natural wine. It's the unfiltered, less polite version of what we've known forever. In some cases it doesn't look or taste like a normal glass of wine and quite rightly as typically the grapes are grown by small, independent producers, they are hand-picked, the wine is fermented (with no added yeast) and no additives or sulphites are included. Natural wines are known for their funkier, "farmyard", or cloudy character and yet some are clean and fruity. We'll be discussing all of this, with a taste or two, and hope to give you the ammunition to talk confidently about your Pet Nats, your Orange Wine and your Cloudy Prosecco.


Kitchen Tales

Here at PSHQ we love talking about our next meal, so we've invited some of our friends from the wonderful world of food, farming and restaurants to share their stories with you. Full programme to be announced soon.


Mark Parr — “Lord Logs”

Mark Parr, AKA “Lord Logs”, built London’s leading wood and charcoal merchants, London Log Co, from scratch with only an axe, a borrowed van, his ebullient charm and some serious determination to push him forward. His reputation as an unparalleled live-fire expert is justified – his knowledge of the nuances of cooking with wood and charcoal is akin to a Master Sommelier’s wine expertise. Mark is always searching and growing and if you’ve eaten at a restaurant in London with open fire cooking, it’s likely he was involved it it’s creation. He’s passionate about seasonal cooking and is writing his first book, catch him while you can for an intimate chat about the art of cooking with fire.


DIY Vermouth Workshop

Jack Adair Bevan is an award-winning drinks maker, writer and author of A Spirited Guide to Vermouth: An aromatic journey with botanical notes, classic cocktails and elegant recipes.

He regularly contributes to the Guardian Weekend magazine. In 2013 he was awarded Young British Foodie of the Year in the cocktail category, and in 2015 was named Innovator of the Year at the Imbibe Awards, going on to be judge in the following years. He has appeared on BBC2’s Food and Drink programme and he regularly appears at food and drinks festivals around the UK.

He co-founded The Ethicurean restaurant in Wrington hailed as ‘the UK’s answer to NOMA’ by Fiona Beckett and ranked number two in the Guardian‘s top 50 UK restaurants of 2015.

Take a pew for a journey behind the scenes in the world of vermouth.