24th / 25th / 26th May 2019, Trefresa Farm, Cornwall

Regenerative Agriculture — Matt Chatfield, Cordelia Britton & Abby Rose, hosted by Lisa Markwell

Saturday, Talks Barn


Regenerative agriculture is a subject that’s close to our hearts. It’s also simpler than it sounds… a system of farming principles that uses photosynthesis and healthy soil microbiology to draw down greenhouse gasses and capture them in the soil.

The system draws from decades of research from organic farming and agroforestry, aiming to offer increased yields, healthier food and vitality for farming communities whilst feeding a growing population. What’s not to like?

Joining our friend Lisa Markwell for this lively discussion is all round champion of farming in the South West, Matt Chatfield (aka The Cornwall Project); vegan and animal campaigner Cordelia Britton; and Abby Rose, founder of Farmerama, a podcast that shares the voices of small-scale farmers in the UK and beyond.